The Connection Between White Vinegar And Yeast Infection Exposed


The Connection Between White Vinegar And Yeast Infection Exposed

Below you will find the reasons given share our website by a former patient suffering from yeast infection and certified nutritionist about removing white vinegar and wine vinegar from your diet to combat yeast infection. The question remains: can any vinegar be included? Medical experts providing holistic and alternative remedies say that white vinegar will make yeast infections accelerate and should be removed from your food plan.

The basic cause of yeast infection is a fungus called Candida. Candida exists in small amounts in healthy bodies but this is not dangerous. The danger comes when candida multiplies under certain circumstances and then invades the blood circulation from the intestinal tract to generate yeast infection symptoms. This explains why we call the yeast infection candida infection, or candidiasis.

Candiasis can be caused desist can be caused by many interrelated factors. In the article below I will target the nutritional factors, as certain habits and influences of diets on the digestive system. In all of this, Candida are considered to be some of the primary causes of all kinds of yeast infections.

In the medical world read more experts are united in their belief that white sugar, white rice and white flour are all foodstuffs that encourage Candida and can make a yeast infection accelerate.

The Candida over grows even more when the environment is more acid. Therefore maintaining the right equilibrium of the alkalis and acids is another guideline to be followed to limit multiplication and yeast infection. We use the pH scale (potential hydrogen) to define acidity in the human body. This scale goes from fourteen the most alkaline level, down to zero the most acid level with seven being defined as neutral. Normally blood is in the range of 7.35 and 7.45, however even a small difference can provoke serious health complications.

It is a sad fact that modern western lifestyle with its lack of sports, high levels of stress and poor diets based on too much fat and too many calories, all conspire to increase the acid level in blood. To correct the balance of acid and alkali and therefore return to an environment that does not encourage Candida, eat more of the foods, which form alkalis such as most fresh vegetables and fruit, almonds, green juices, and any food that contains potassium, magnesium, cesium, sodium, or calcium. Likewise reduce foods that form too much acid such as most products involving dairy, meats, grain and fish.

White vinegar with its PH of 5.5 means that it is very acidic and therefore will encourage Candida overgrowth. Replace such foods with supplements that are alkaline. Vinegars in particular have always been the subject of discussion concerning anti Candida diets. The exception is apple cider vinegar with a pH of 7.5. Use organic apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar.

Remember that adhering to an alkaline diet may bring health benefits and help limit Candida, but dietary changes alone will not be sufficiently comprehensive or holistic to treat yeast infection.

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